About Us..

Today when the world is obsessed with the latest trends and new styles, many stores fail to provide attire in plus sizes, claiming that it is “just not possible” or “does not look good in a plus size”. Double XL’s goal is to satisfy the clothing and accessory needs of everyone who likes to live larger than life, by bringing you the most stylish and contemporary designs, guaranteed to keep you trending, no matter your size!

Here at Double XL, everyday is a celebration of size! We are dedicated to making you look and feel your best, every day, whether at work or play.

Our Sizes

Our sizes range from L - 7XL.

Our Guarantee on Quality

We choose the finest materials and every stitch is tended to with care and patience. Double XL clothing is made of blended fabrics ensuring comfort as well as form fitting quality.

Our Style Philosophy

“Beauty comes in all sizes.”